Once Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is enabled on your account, you will be signed out from all Microsoft apps like Teams, Outlook, etc. on all your devices. What you need to do is re-authenticate your account after setting up the MFA.

 It is advisable to undergo this process using your desktop computer as you will be scanning a QR code using your mobile phone's camera to activate your email. But if your circumstances allow for a mobile phone to complete the action. Please follow these steps

* If you haven't installed the Outlook Mobile App on your phone, you will need to download it for you to access your emails on your mobile devices after the MFA has been set up. Kindly refer to this link – Setup Outlook for iOS and Android or reach out to EzyNode Tech Support Team for assistance.

* The MFA soft token app expires every 90 days. This means if you are using the desktop version of Outlook, MS Teams, etc. you will ONLY be prompted by Microsoft to approve your sign-in using the Microsoft Authenticator app after 3 months. But if you log in to your account for the said applications via any web browser, you will have to approve it in the Microsoft Authenticator app EVERY TIME.

Device Compatibilty Requirement:

iPhone - iOS 12.0 or later 

iPad - iPadOS 12.0 or later

iPod Touch - iOS 12.0 or later 

Android - 6.0 and up

The EzyNode Tech Support Team will enable the Multifactor Authentication on your account prior to you performing the steps below.

1. On your mobile deviceopen the Play Store (for Android) or App Store (for IOS) to download and install Microsoft Authenticator. Please note that Google Authenticator will not work with this process.


2. Open a web browser and go to or when apps like Outlook and Teams are opened in your desktop, you will be prompted in an equivalent manner. Sign in to Microsoft 365 with your work email and password like you normally do. 

3. After you choose Sign in, you'll be prompted for more information. Click Next


4. In the Additional security verification page, choose Mobile app from the dropdown list and select Receive notifications for verification. Click on Setup.


5. This will start the configuration for your account to use the mobile app.


6. You will see a QR code you have to scan with your phone to setup the app.


 7. Once the installation of the Microsoft Authenticator app is complete, open it. Tap on Add account or the plus icon at the top right then, choose Work or school account. 


 8. This will open the camera on your mobile phone to scan the code on your computer screen. You may have to give the app permission to use the camera on your phone if prompted. After a few seconds, your account is now added.


9. Go back to your computer and wait for the setup to be configured. Click Next once done.


10. Next, we would have to verify if the configuration is successful. It will send a notification to the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone to approve. Be sure to approve notifications that are exclusively initiated by you. Like this one:11. Tap Approve, and it will show Sign-in approved on the app.


12. Finally in Step 3, enter your country code and phone number in case you lose access to your mobile app. Click on Done. Your Multifactor Authentication setup is now complete.


You will be prompted to approve the sign-in on the Microsoft Authenticator app when you open Outlook, MS Teams, Skype for Business, etc. from your desktop and mobile phone after setting up MFA.

You might be prompted to put a bit more information, on a page labeled "don't lose access to your account!". This page is where you will set up your password recovery options so that you can reset your password through O365.

The EzyNode Tech Support Team will guide you through this process and assist you should any issue occur during the MFA setup.