Below is a quick guide on how to address VPN connection issues

1. Uninstall old version of Draytek VPN client and install the latest version

    You can get it from here.

2. Login to WWR-FS and go to Chrome, the Draytek admin console should be bookmarked or in the recent views.

    You can find the public IP of the VPN router in the console, at the time of writing it is port 8843

3. On the Admin Console under User Management > User Profile, try to resync his password by editing the user profile and manually typing their VPN password and hit Save. This way you are refreshing their account or session.

4. On the Draytek Smart VPN client, if the SSL Tunnel doesn't connect, try switching to L2TP or PPTP. Sometimes that fixes it.

5. If all else fail, schedule an after hour reboot of the servers primaly the DC, FS & Redmap server.

6. Also make sure the Draytek router's firmware is up to date. If not, schedule the firmware upgrade as soon as possible.