Microsoft Outlook provides a great solution for managing your email, contacts, calendar, and to do lists all within the one location. In cases where I need to send contact information to other associates or colleagues, I utilise the built-in features of Outlook which allow you to forward any Contact from your address book. I am surprised at how many people I have seen use the Copy & Paste function on each part of the contact’s details when sending the information to another person.

Microsoft Outlook allows you to forward a Contact card in a few simple steps which will give the recipient an option to save the card straight into their own Outlook contacts area.

Attach a Contact to an Email

There are two ways to achieve this process; the first way is directly through an email message:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook (I’m using Outlook 2016)
  2. Open a new email message (Ctrl + N) OR open an existing message and press Reply
  3. Type in your message as you would normally do
  4. From the Message tab, click the Attach Item button
  1. From the menu choose Business CardOther Business Cards
  2. The Insert Business Card dialog box will appear:
  1. Select the business card you wish to send and click OK
  2. You will now see the card attached to your email message
  1. Send the email message as normal

Forward a Contact Card

The second way to forward a business card is from within the Contacts area.

  1. From the Outlook Folder Pane select the People icon (Contacts)
  1. Locate the business card you wish to send and select it by clicking on it once with the left mouse button
  2. From the Home tab on the Ribbon, select the Forward Contact button located within the Share group of icons
  1. Choose As a Business Card from the menu
  2. A new email message will appear with the business card already attached
  1. Simply address the message and add relevant information, then click Send

You’ve now successfully forwarded a contact card using Outlook.

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