Email Recall in Outlook function

To use this function let’s send an email to a recipient as a test and we will then try to recall it.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook (I’m using Outlook 365)
  2. With the Inbox displayed, click Ctrl + N on the keyboard to create a new blank email message
  3. Enter a recipient name in the To field (I am sending from my Microsoft 365 email account to a person also using Microsoft 365)
  4. Add a Subject and type a quick message into the body of the email. Click Send

  1. Now open your Sent Items folder
  2. Double click and open the email message you have just sent
  3. From the Ribbon, click the Actions button and choose Recall This Message

  1. The Recall This Message dialog box will appear:

  1. You can choose between two options here: Delete unread copies of the message, or Delete unread copies and replace them with a new message
  2. Leave the first option selected
  3. Ensure the Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient is selected and click OK
  4. The email message should now display an information prompt letting you  know that you have tried to recall the message:

  1. The Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Exchange server will now be working to recall the message. Remember, if the email message has already been opened by the time you request the recall then the recipient will have read the email

How to tell if the email recall was successful

Now the important part, was your recall attempt successful?

  1. If the message was recalled successfully, you should receive an email notification to advise you.
  2. Return to your Inbox and see if a successful message has been received, or instigate a Send/Receive by pressing F9 on the keyboard
  3. If you see a message appear with the Subject: Message Recall Success then you can open the message