Here's how to find and manage your cookies in order to protect your privacy online:

1. Open the Internet Explorer Browser and click the Tools Button.

2. Click the Internet Options then select the Privacy Tab. 

3. Under settings, move the slider to the top to block all cookies and to the bottom to allow all cookies and then click apply.

Note: Blocking all cookies may prevent you from entering a lot of sites. The next two Internet Explorer Privacy levels, High and Medium High, may be more suitable.

As you move the slider up or down, you will see a description of the types of cookies that will be blocked or allowed by the browser at the privacy level. Select the level of security you want. But usually, the default option is the best.

4. To delete existing cookies:

  • Go to the tools menu bar which should drop down then click on the Internet Option.
  • Click on General tab which should be under Browsing History and click delete.