Increase your Browsing Security and Privacy with Webroot Endpoint Protection Browser Plugin

The SecureAnywhere software comes with extensions that can be added to your internet browsers, depending on your package type. It is recommended that you enable any Webroot extensions presented to you to provide you with the best protection.

PC Users:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer

Mac Users:

  • Google Chrome

Webroot Filtering Extension

The Webroot Filtering Extension is a browser extension that protects your computer while you are online. When doing searches, it will display symbols next to your search results, called annotations, which show how safe or untrusted a site is. The annotation appears to the left of each website name in the list of query results. The table below describes the meaning of each icon.

In the example below, Webroot Filtering Extension feature shows the reputation of the pages in the browser search results, as you can see most of the website has the green tick mark annotation which implies that those sites are protected to visit and will not cause any harm to your device. 

In the two examples below, Web Threat Shield feature shows that the one with the orange annotation is a suspicious site and the one with the red annotation is a high risk site which means that these pages may contain content that has malware or other security risks.

The Webroot Filtering Extension will also stop you from going to sites that might try to infect your machine by showing a warning message like the one below.