Microsoft Teams Exploratory license is a license that comes free with Office 365 Business License. Exploratory license has some limitations compared to the full version of Microsoft teams and some features are done different to be used.

Creating and Inviting People outside your organization in a meeting.

1. Create a team for yourself and the people you want to join the meeting with you.

2. Choose your preferred Room type:

3. Provide a name for your Room

4. Invite the People you want to be in the meeting. Note: Users outside your organization will show as guest.

5. Go to the Calendar Icon and click new meeting

6. Enter your meeting Details and the people you wanted to be invited and the channel which is the name of the meeting Room you created earlier.

Attendees will receive an emails regarding the invite and just need to click the "Join Meeting" icon on the email they got.

Then click Join Meeting via MS Teams App

7. To initiate the meeting, go to the Team's room you've created and click view meeting details

Click Join Meeting

8. To Add additional Attendees on the meeting, go back to the meeting room and click " View Meeting Details" Go to the attendees field and add the email address/teams account of the person to be added and click send update.

Notes: Since your email is not through office 365, your calendar will not be synchronized in teams and You will not get email notification for meetings created for you to join. All notifications will be shown in the teams app.